Günter Verheugen
until February 2010 Vice President European Commission, Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry

"ZENIT is a true pioneer in the area of European support for SMEs. The team from Mülheim has bridged the distance between NRW and Brussels for 25 years - and not just in a literal sense. First as Euro Info Centre, then as Innovation Relay Centre and finally, since the beginning of 2008, as one of our most important partners in the Enterprise Europe Network, ZENIT communicates our EU initiatives and programmes to local enterprises, and provides us with important feedback about how Europe can become more SME-friendly. The European Commission thanks ZENIT for this.”

Steve Bradley, consultant at Beta Technology Ltd.
"As one of the nominated work package leaders who joined the ‘TransCoSME’ project shortly after its launch, I had the task of working as part of small experienced team, who with the support of some excellent project co-ordination by Zenit, produced the required deliverables as part of the overall success achieved by the project. With 36 partners, the management of the project was a challenge fully met by ZENIT, contributing to the development of an effective NCP SME network that continued beyond the projects conclusion."

Vebjørn Walderhaug
Senior advisor at The Research Counsil of Norway
“As SME NCP in Norway, I have had the pleasure of working in close collaboration with the project coordinator ZENIT in the EU supported project “TransCoSME”. Not least thanks to the staff of ZENIT, we have succeeded in getting a number of very useful results and deliverables out of the TransCoSME project. Sometimes it’s a pleasure to participate in EU projects – especially when it’s well managed!”

Dr. Stephan Koppelberg
European Commission
Head of the Regional Representation in Bonn
“We take the opportunity of ZENIT's 25th anniversary to celebrate more than 20 years of constructive teamwork between this outstanding member of our Enterprise Europe Network and the European Commission. Personally, I take pride in having been involved in this collaboration as early as 1999. Awarded with best practice awards, ZENIT GmbH is of vital importance for us as a competent and reliable partner in our work with small and medium-sized companies in North-Rhine Westphalia. The European Commission in Germany thanks ZENIT for its effective work and looks forward to continuing our good cooperation in the future.”

Andreas Krautscheid
, until 2010m Minister for Federal, European and Media Affairs in North Rhine-Westphalia
“For me, support for small and medium-sized enterprises in North Rhine-Westphalia in their European activities is a main priority. I would like SMEs to take better advantage of the opportunities available to them in the European Single Market. ZENIT is an important partner here. As „NRW.Europa“ together with the NRW.BANK, ZENIT is responsible for providing EU-related services in the framework of the „Enterprise Europe Network“ and thus makes a significant contribution to strengthening our SMEs‘ position in Europe.”

Milja Rautiainen, until August 2012 Project Manager, Enterprise Europe Network
Technopolis Oyj, FI-90590 Oulu

"ZENIT is one of the most active partners in the Enterprise Europe Network, helping SMEs to take the most out of the European business support possibilities. I had the pleasure to cooperate with Zenit several years for the benefit of SMEs operating in the environmental sector, and indeed Zenit is an innovative, dedicated and trusted partner always operating in a co-operative manner."

Hartmut Schauerte, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
“ZENIT is one of the leading regional innovation agencies in Germany and is of particular relevance for effective SME and economic policy. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology thanks ZENIT for a long-standing working relationship based on mutual trust, for example in the implementation of ZIM, our SME support programme, and as National Contact Point for SME-related EU funding programmes. A hearty "Keep it up!" from Berlin!”

Ulrich Berners, Managing Director Laser Bearbeitungs- und Beratungszentrum GmbH, LBBZ
“As a member for many years of the Netzwerk ZENT e.V., LBBZ enjoys making intensive use of the services offered by ZENIT. This applies particularly with regard to the utilisation of public funds for our development projects, as well as to the systematic expansion of our activities abroad. In the realisation of our objective of marketing our innovative laser technology more proactively in other EU countries, we have often profited over the past years from ZENIT's support and its contacts throughout the EU. I can only recommend every enterprise to play an active role in the Netzwerk ZENIT e.V. and to make use of the consulting firm's expertise.”

Elzbieta Bienkowska, Minister of Regional Development, Poland
    “At present, making skilful use of modern technologies is extremely crucial for the enhancement of innovative potential of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, professional and comprehensive consultancy helping forge pioneer ideas into viable business models and strategies is all the more essential. With its 25 years of experience in highly diverse activities related to modern technology dissemination, ZENIT is a truly reliable and trusted partner, capable of coping with most innovative undertakings swiftly and efficiently. Thanks to professionalism and commitment of this successfully thriving public-private partnership European entrepreneurs are becoming leaders in business and management innovation.”

Alan Camilleri, Executive Chairman, Malta Enterprise
“Since 2003, ZENIT GmbH has been closely linked to Malta with the setting up of the Innovation Relay Centre (Malta) office and subsequently as a partner on both the IRC Network project and the environment-oriented METTTES project. ZENIT GmbH made an important contribution to capacity building within our organisation and over the years our two organisations have consolidated a very professional and collegial working relationship. Malta Enterprise would like to congratulate ZENIT GmbH on its 25th anniversary.”

Ludovic Denoyelle, Director for Innovation and Competitiveness of Enterprises of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burgundy, member of the Enterprise Europe Network.
“Our cooperation with ZENIT first started some 20 years ago with the Euro Info Centre network, and already in the field of environment. A few years later, we both were among the pioneers in the Value programme which later became the largest European technology transfer network. Over the years, we have appreciated the professionalism but also the friendliness of the ZENIT team. We have been proud to collaborate in organizing match making events during large fairs whether in Germany (Medica, Entsorga, …) or in France (Pollutec …) and in elaborating more efficient tools and methodologies for the network.”

Maren Diale-Schellschmidt,

CEO, German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce

“In the framework of the Renewable Energies Export Initiative and together with ZENIT, the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce organised two delegation visits to Germany by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian enterprises. ZENIT‘s expertise and reliability, coupled with the staff‘s friendly attitude, contributed to a major degree to the success of these projects. The delegates felt very welcome and thus the foundation was laid for successful business links to German partners.”

Giel Dubbeld,
NCP KP7 SME en KP7 Regions of Knowledge manager, SenterNovem/EG-Liaison

    “Over the last two decades, SenterNovem/EG-Liaison and ZENIT have worked closely together in the Framework Programmes and as National Contact Points for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, as well as in other joint networks, such as the Euro Info Centre and the Innovation Relay Centre Network. ZENIT has great experience in EU-related issues and cooperating with organisations throughout Europe. It is our leasure to continue this good relationship with our neighbour in North Rhine-Westphalia for many years to come."

Thomas Eulenstein, Managing Director, Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid

“A constructive and successful partnership has connected us with ZENIT for many years. For us as a development-oriented enterprise, ZENIT's broad spectrum of consulting services in the areas of innovation, technology transfer and internationalisation offers interesting potential for our work.”

Dott.ssa Stefania Giuffrida

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Direzione Centrale Supporto alla Programmazione e alle Infrastrutture

“With great enthusiasm in 2005 the Italian National Council of Research (CNR) agreed to be part of the METTTES (More Efficient Transnational Technology Transfer in the Environmental Sector) European project managed by ZENIT. The long experience of Peter Wolfmeyer and his staff, already tested in the multiannual common job within the Innovation Relay Centre Network, made the project successful both for the innovative approach to the technology transfer and for the dissemination of the environmental culture among the involved SMEs. In terms of professionalism and competence ZENIT is an example we should all follow!”

Alexander Houben, Managing Director JHT Jakobs-Houben Technologie GmbH

 “We are a young, innovative and fast-growing enterprise. Our customers expect from us customised solutions. That means not just intelligent products, but also effective organisation. ZENIT helped us to gear our internal structures to these requirements. The measures proposed - and in the meantime implemented - were tailored precisely to our needs and ZENIT displayed a high level of customer orientation – exactly in the sense of our own company philosophy.”

Anno Jordan, Sales Director, QS EMG Automation GmbH, Deputy Chairman of ZENIT e.V.

“Regardless of whether high-tech enterprise or old economy: ZENIT helps businesses tap the right source of funding and thus makes an important contribution to creating space for much-needed innovations.”

Dr. Wilson McGarel, Director,
The QUESTOR Centre Queen’s University Belfast
“Congratulations to ZENIT on achieving a very successful first 25 years. The QUESTOR Centre has been the Northern Ireland contact point on a number of EU environmental-related programmes. During this time we have worked closely with ZENIT and have developed a relationship that has brought significant benefit to small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutions and universities in our respective regions. ZENIT is an outstanding partner and an excellent ambassador for North Rhine-Westphalia and we look forward to at least another 25 years collaboration.”

Heinz Rudolf Miko, former acting Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Bonn

“ZENIT is the model of a successful nerve centre in the “Enterprise Europe Network“. Our two organisations have worked together for many years in a partnership characterised by trust and a clear distribution of labour. In order to make the European decision process more transparent, sound and decentralised information, such as ZENIT provides, has become increasingly important.”

Tomás Orbea, General Director, SPRI, Spain
“On behalf of SPRI, the Basque Development Agency, I would like to congratulate ZENIT on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary. We have worked mainly in the field of technology transfer, first, in the IRC Network and, after, in the Enterprise Europe Network. We have also been partners in other initiatives of the ERA, like the Accompanying Measure AWARE and the MANUNET ERA-NET scheme. Our fruitful collaboration with ZENIT has helped to foster the co-operation between SMEs from the Basque Country, Spain, and North Rhine-Westphalia. ZENIT is an excellent partner and a model to follow and we expect to continue collaborating with them in the future. ”

Prof. Gábor Péceli, Rector for Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
“With ZENIT GmbH Budapest University of Technology and Economics has been in contact since 1st September 2001 (…) The two institutes started their cooperation in 1997 as colleagues in the Network called Innovation Relay Centre (…) when National Technical Information Centre and Library (OMIKK) became partner of the Network. In this sense we can say that we have been working together for more than 10 years. This relationship has been deepened from 2004 mainly in the area of environmental technologies (…) We can declare that our cooperation with ZENIT has been very fruitful and has developed to a friendly level besides the official one and we hope to continue it in the future as well. We wish another at least 25 years for ZENIT for their amazing work in the area of technology transfer and innovation management. They are such motivated, experienced, professional and
above all gracious a team that it is an honour to cooperate with them."

Carina de la Tajada Lahall
Enterprise Europe Network /
Almi Företagspartner Örebro AB, Sweden
“We have successfully co-operated with ZENIT GmbH within the Enterprise Europe Network (former Euro Info Centre Network) for many years. As Germany is an important market for Swedish Industry, ZENIT has been an important and competent co-operation partner. We have co-operated as partners in many international matchmaking events at international trade fairs, bringing companies together to discuss future business. As we share a common methodology on how to help SMEs go international, we have deepened our co-operation as regards individual targeted partner search for our clients which has led to successful business for the companies. I am convinced that this will lead to even more business in the future. There is no doubt that the ZENIT staff is one of our best colleagues in the network for which I am very grateful."

Vassilios Tsakalos, PRAXI/ HELP-FORWARD, Greece
“PRAXI/ HELP-FORWARD Network in Greece has been collaborating very closely with ZENIT since 1997 in technology and Innovation. We have worked on countless cases of technological collaboration, organised missions for each others clients in our respective countries and have been partners in projects. We have through the years become also personal friends with the ZENIT stuff. Efficient, reliable and proactive is the words I would use to describe our friends in ZENIT. Thank you for the good collaboration thrughout the years and we look forward to many more to come... ”

Mr Leo Van de Loock, acting President IWT
“IWT and ZENIT have been involved in the former IRC network, now Enterprise Europe Network, from the start. Quite a number of European companies involved in environmental technology have met with European partners via the networks' brokerage activities. ZENIT, as chairing organization of the networks' thematic group environment, has brought a lot of supporting organizations together in organizing actions for the SMEs in this field. Then and now, ZENIT is a respected partner within the network, it's always a pleasure to cooperate with them.”

Professor Dr. Fazilet Vardar Sukan, Ege University, Turkey
“ZENIT is a globally well-known and respected institution in terms of national and international projects carried out mainly in Europe. ZENIT has contributed to the internationalization of our centre, Ege University Science and Technology Centre, in various fields but especially in the implementation of European Union projects. In addition, ZENIT has organized various matching activities, mainly Turkish - German Business Days. A large number of Turkish and German enterprises have met and realised business partnerships and invaluable efforts have been spent for the progress of technical and business collaboration between Turkey and Germany. It is also worth mentioning that the IT matching tool called "BEMT" developed by ZENIT has facilitated the daily operations of our Innovation Relay Centre in the former Network in terms of technology transfer and event management. We will be glad to keep on collaborating with ZENIT in various platforms.”