StratInc - Strategic Intelligence in innovative clusters Project

About the project

The basis of today's innovation systems is a systematic innovation model. The ability to react, to adapt and to learn plays a significant role in this process and is put into practice via interaction between organisations and enterprises. Such interaction is supported by Innovation Management Tools. This is the background to the STRATINC project implemented by ZENIT GmbH in five different sectors together with five other regions. In North Rhine-Westphalia, "New Materials" was the sector chosen. The French region of Lorraine concentrated on the wood sector and was also the project co-ordinator. Other partners were the Spanish regions of Murcia und Tenerife which represented the sectors of juice and wine production and distribution, as well as biotechnology in the Norwegian region of Oslo. The region of Central Macedonia was represented by information and telecommunication technologies.


  • Collation of experience throughout Europe regarding need and demand for Strategic Intelligence (SI) and foresight in the various regional target sectors
  • Development and joint utilisation of SI methods and instruments for use throughout Europe by SMEs
  • Setting up of digital pilot platforms to support SI in each sector in question
  • Simplified knowledge spill-over within a cluster and region through joint use of resources and knowledge
  • Nurturing of the competitive ability of SMEs, R&D players and regions
  • Easier access to SI sources


The project ended with a conference in Brussels on the topic of "Strategic Intelligence and Cluster Activities - From theory to practice". A central aspect of the conference was the presentation of a procedure blueprint for practical implementation: "Strategic intelligence in regional cluster processes".

The blueprint presents activities and processes for the establishment and maintenance of clusters and cluster structures. It provides cluster managers, economic development players and political decision makers with instruments and tips on how to shape cluster processes and how to sustain the motivation of the key players involved. The blueprint is available in English as a downloadable pdf file and brochures in German can be ordered.

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