Policy evaluation (references extract)

  • Mid-term evaluation of the interventions of the European Structural Fund 2000-2006 in the State of Berlin (Berlin Senate for Economic Affairs, Labour and Finance)

  • Evaluation of programmes co-financed by the ESF: Objective 2 phases III and IV, RECHAR phase II, RESIDER phase II, on behalf of the Ministry of Employment, Düsseldorf

  • Final report on the evaluation of the Operational Programme of EU Objective 3 in the area of Qualification/Vocational Training (1996-2000), on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Düsseldorf

  • Evaluation of research, technological development and innovation-related actions under Structural Funds (Objective 2), on behalf of the European Commission

  • Development biographies: University spin-offs with an engineering or natural science focus versus those with a service focus